Past Presidents

Professor Qu Mian-Yu
Professor Qu Mian-Yu from China took AFSM office as the first president in 1992. He was elected during a preparatory meeting at the time of 11th Asian Games, held in Beijing. He proficiently fulfilled his duties for the period 1992-1994.

Professor K.M Chan
Orthopedic surgeon by profession and instructor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor K.M Chan became the new president of the federation for the period 1994-2000 and handled AFSM operations for six years. In 2002, he was elected as the president of International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) and entitled to be the first Asian appointed as FIMS’ president since its establishment in 1928.

Professor Dr. Nishat Mallick
Professor Nishat Mallick from Pakistan became the third president of ASFM in 2000 who was chosen by the majority for this position at the time of ASFM’s congress meeting in Oman. Being Rehabilitation Medicine specialist and a senior instructor at a local university in Karachi, Nishat Mallick efficiently dealt with federation’s matters until he was assassinated in 2002.