Office Bearers

The key board members who constitute the Executive Bureau include AFSM President, First Vice President, Vice Presidents and Secretary General.

Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi- President
Head of orthopedic department in Khoula hospital in Muscat, Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi oversees Asian Federation of Sports Medicine as a capable President from eight years. Formally elected in 2004, Al Kharusi continues to guide the federation with his inspiring vision.

Dr. C. Thurairaja- 1st Vice President
As the first Vice President of the federation, Dr. C. Thurairaja serves as a right arm for Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi. He has been making collaborative efforts to strengthen federation’s image in Sri Lanka as well as in Asia as whole.

Vice Presidents
Three Vice Presidents from China, Iran and Brunei work as subsidiaries to the President and 1st Vice President. They include:

Dr. Mohamed Razi (Iran)
Dr. Mohamed Razi extends s federation’s activities as a Vice President in Iran and works with neighboring members for implementation of federation’s agenda.

Dr. Guoping Li (China)
Working closely with other members, Dr. Guoping Li acts as a bridge between federation and China for effective execution of federation’s plans and policies.

Dr. Danish Zaheer (Brunei)
Dr. Danish Zaheer supports other board members to fortify federation’s network in Brunei and Asia.

Dr. Talia Alenabi- Secretary General
As an efficient board member, Dr. Talia Alenabi fulfills her duties to expand federation’s operations and procedures.