Message from the President
On behalf of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM) members, I feel greatly pleased and honored to welcome you to our platform. AFSM was founded in 1990 when 11th Asian Games were being held in Beijing. After the commencement of formal operations, the federation has hold congress meetings in different countries across Asia. AFSM would be holding its 13th congress meeting in Kuala Lumpur between 25th and 28th September, 2013.

AFSM is committed to foster and advance scientific research in the field of sports medicine that is to be used for educational and practical purposes in Asia.

The federation functions in close collaboration with International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS). Our mission is to nurture and promote sports medicine by integrating education and practical application of advanced research in accordance with the international standards in Asia. Representatives from collaborating federation members meet for the renewal of organization-wise perspective which targets to help various sports organizations, groups and agencies to systemize sports medicine capabilities. It also aims to organize activities such as medical study and procedures, practical implications and documentation that such organizations undertake. Above all, it engages in carrying out seminars, workshops, scientific conferences and sessions, publish books, journals, brochures and other forms of literature to promote awareness of Sports Medicine throughout Asia.

AFSM enjoys ongoing support from our federation members, but lacks active involvement of a few Asian countries perhaps due to several situational factors. But I have faith in the potential of participating members which could help us touch zeniths in sports medicine in future.

I trust and look forward to your contribution in the form of your proficiencies and experience, helping this organization build and secure future of sports medicine.
Best Regards,
Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM)