About AFSM

LThe Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM) was instated in the year of 1990 during the time of 11th Asian Games, held in Beijing. The federation is one of the multinational, continentally divided entities, governed by outlined regulations of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS). Up till now, it has thirty National Sports Medicine Association members, which continue to grow. The purpose for which AFSM stands today is to cultivate and advance the use and awareness of Sports Medicine in Asia. The charter, manifesto, managerial rules and regulations, and administrative structures that the organization holds are all built under the commands and policies laid by FIMS, which was set up in 1928.

Federation’s History
The initiative to form an organized and independent Asian wing for Sports Medicine was taken in 1987. But the idea was successfully implemented in 1990 during FIMS’ parliamentary gathering in Amsterdam where the Asian delegation joined FIMS in a preliminary meeting. Hence in the days of Asian Games in Beijing, Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM) was instituted and Professor Qu. was selected as the first President of the federation. After the commencement of the elementary operations of the organization, a few Sports Medicine courses were offered in Philippine and China during the years 1990-1992. After two years of its establishment, the first AFSM parliamentary conference (Congress) was held in Hong Kong. Later on, AFSM has organized twelve congress meetings in different Asian countries at different times. The purpose to hold such meetings is to reinforce the federation’s agenda and sort out all potential issues that might hinder its smooth functioning and operations.

AFSM’s mission is to nurture and promote Sports Medicine in Asia, direct federation’s efforts for continuous improvement in the given field and strive for health and fitness for all.