UAE Health and Sports Medicine Center ensures the safety of the athletes and provides physical fitness training, prevention of injuries and their treatment as well as rehabilitation facilities. The organization has several sections which include Health Education and Research Section, Nutrition Section and Physical Education + Physical Training Section. Sports Medicine is a fast growing field all across the world and because of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine it has grown a lot within Asian countries as well.

Aims & Objectives of UAE Sports Medicine Center are as follows:

  • Holding scientific meetings on national and continental level
  • Hosting Team Physician Development seminars and courses on a regular level
  • Maintaining and fostering contacts with the specialists of the field worldwide.
  • Communicating with physicians, trainers, athletes and other management staff for a better understanding of physical injury threats
  • For evaluating the common and chronic sports medicine disorders and finding possible solutions and providing rehabilitation facilities
  • To develop high level skills among the physicians to deal with every kind of physical injury possible
  • To work within the Health System and to implement the code and ethics of Sports medicine
  • To publish journals, books and brochures on regular basis in order to keep the masses well informed
Making sure the athletes don’t have to suffer in long waiting lines to get the injuries caused by athletic activities treated at hospitals