In the past, the injuries caused by sports and exercise were treated in hospitals, however since the 20th century a separate field by the name of Sports Medicine has been introduced that deals in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of physical injuries suffered by athletes. Thailand, like many other countries is a member of the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine. AFSM ensures sports medicine awareness is being spread in all the countries of the continent. Thailand Sports Medicine facility, under the guidance of AFSM implements the rules and ethics of sports medicine within the country and follows the following aims and objectives:

  • Providing sports medicine and equipment that ensure safe and healthier environment to the sports organizations of tennis, table tennis, basketball, cricket, golf etc
  • Ensure physical as well as psychological health of the players which is so often ignored
  • Prevention of any severe physical injuries by providing awareness in advance through seminars and workshops
  • To bring together the best therapists and physicians from around the country at one place
  • Spread awareness regarding general physical fitness among players as well as general population
  • Implementation of code and ethics of sports medicine and spreading the word regarding drug abuse
  • To gain further knowledge in and research about the possible threats to the physical fitness of athletes and finding solutions in its prevention and treatment
  • Develop skills of trainers and physicians to manage common to acute sports medicine disorders.