Singapore is a city-state and also an attractive island located in Southeast Asia. Its busy and lucrative port makes it one of the leading financial hubs of the world. Singapore provides efficient healthcare facilities to its people at relatively low prices as compared to other developed countries and has the lowest infant mortality. Such efficiency is achieved perhaps due to governmentally administered “3M (Medisave, Medifund, Medishield) system” for healthcare. Singapore joined AFSM, already being member of various independent associations that work for the betterment of Asia.

Following are some of the activities that AFSM undertakes:

  • Assist national units and governmental bodies in filling loopholes, if any, in healthcare¬† system of the country
  • To share AFSM's expertise with its federation partner to enhance the efficiency of the existing system
  • To present effective solutions to all potential problems that arise during the implementation of ASFM's agenda in the host country
  • To provide educational and training services to certified sports professionals who deal with the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries
  • To strengthen the network between the sharing members by holding tutorial meetings and workshops in a regular manner
  • To publish content for different Sports Medicine courses and awareness programs
  • To spread awareness about health, fitness and personal care in young professionals residing in metropolitan areas of Singapore