Pakistan enjoys unique strategic position due to its geographical location and it is the second largest economy in South Asian region. Recent years have seen an evolutionary shift from agriculturally controlled to more service based economic structure. Health sector is mainly governed by the guidelines of Ministry of Health that forms the basis of health infrastructure in the country. Like most of the South Asian nations, urban areas are more privileged with health and medical facilities in contrast to rural communities. Pakistan teamed up with AFSM to encourage Sports Medicine research and development. AFSM performs some of the following functions to support ongoing innovations in Medicine in Pakistan:

  • To support research culture that marks latest trends in Science and Technology in Pakistan
  • Work closely with bodies like “Ministry of Health” to bring about radical changes in the field of medicine
  • Promote the need and use of preventive and curative drugs in sports training and other physical activities
  • Organize instructive material that can enhance the understanding of sports professionals, trainers and other medical personnel
  • Convince NGOs to join hands with AFSM for the development of Sports Medicine in the areas where they are active
  • Issue literature on Sports Medicine to meet literary needs of the educational and training programs
Incorporate awareness  programs about general health and fitness along with vigorous campaigns about Sports Medicine