Located in Southwest Asia, Oman has an exclusive strategic importance due to its borders with Persian Gulf. It is one of the most stable and developed states of the Arab world. People of Oman enjoy good quality living standards in a free economy backed by oil reserves. About 99% of the total population avails healthcare opportunities at reasonable cost, but the system has room for improvement. Oman became one of the vigorous members of AFSM after seeing the potential for development in local healthcare system. Following list sums up some of the developmental and promotional undertakings of AFSM in Oman:

  • Devising strategies to bring national specialized and general hospitals at par with international standards of developed nations
  • Convincing governmental and private bodies to direct their efforts to Sports Medicine facilities in Oman, having achieved a reasonable growth in other disciplines
  • Encourage students and medical professionals to study Sports Medicine and advance their learning in this particular field
  • Help in inducing Sports Medicine courses and training programs in local universities and medical institutions
  • Negotiating through developed network between Oman and the federation to employ ASFM’s charter in major Sports Medicine facilities within the country
  • To build responsiveness about drug abuse among youngsters and their consequences in the form of mental and physical malfunctioning