With majority of population practicing Hinduism, Nepal ranks 41st among most populated countries of the world. The country is located in South Asia with over 50% of its population residing in rural areas. Health conditions have improved significantly over the years but the still remain unsatisfactory as compared to other South Asian countries. Malnutrition is another problem that adds to the health issues faced by the people of Nepal. In effort to cope up with such challenges, Nepal teamed up Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM). AFSM is committed to take following steps to soothe out healthcare difficulties from Nepal:

  • Taking swift measures to promote daily health and personal care among¬† countryside population and educating them on how they can avoid common diseases they suffer from
  • Holding regular meetings and informative seminars to communicate AFSM’s agenda of a healthier nation and sportspersons
  • Helping local officials and representatives to improve health care infrastructure across the country, especially in remote areas
  • Encouraging the use of sports medicines for curing certain sports related diseases
  • Supporting different sports committees and clubs to induce Sports Medicine educational programs to train their professionals and coaches
  • Helping welfare organizations that operate at small to medium level to promote the use of sports medicines and other positive drugs to fight physical ailments
Persuading rural community to take preventive measures and have cleaner surroundings for a healthy life style