Located in Central East Asia, Mongolia is a lower to middle income country according to the World Bank statistics. Tough health care structure keeps on improving in the country, yet the population residing in country side faces key problems. Due to such healthcare and infrastructure concerns, Mongolia joined AFSM for the development of Sports Medicine as well as general health and fitness. By then, AFSM has been working for the improvement of health services and promotion of Sports Medicine in the country. Following are some of the key areas which are focused by AFSM in Mongolia:

  • To devote efforts for healthier conditions in the country side and sports associations that are located in the remote areas of the country
  • To develop a robust network for speedy treatment of sports injuries and muscle deformities during physical exercises
  • Improving standards of specialized hospitals of the country that deal with curing special diseases
  • Collaborating with Mongolian Association of Sports Medicine for significant improvements in the areas of health care and Sports Medicine education
  • Issuing publications like "Olympic Education and Science" and other forms of helping literature to build awareness about Sports Medicine at a large scale
  • Cooperating with medical professionals, organizations and communities to design suitable courses and programs for Sports Medicine
  • To promote general health and fitness throughout the country