Experiencing an average GDP growth of 6.5% for more than 50 years, Malaysia has sufficient resources and budget to spend on healthcare and medical research and development. Life expectancy, according to a recent survey, is 74 years. Malaysia has been contributing member of many organizations that work primarily for development of Asian countries. Pertaining to the needs of ongoing innovations in health care sector, Malaysia became one of the strong members of AFSM. Some of the actions that AFSM takes for the betterment of Sports Medicine in Malaysia are as follows:

  • Promoting benefits of general fitness and active lifestyle and spreading awareness about the consequences of obesity in youngsters and professionals
  • Assisting in developing a framework for both private and public sectors of healthcare in Malaysia for advanced medical facilities
  • Developing strategies to inculcate the culture of research in Sports Medicine which can be used for educational and practical reasons
  • Helping local bodies to develop adequate infrastructure for Sports Medical facilities
  • Organizing workshops, tutorials and informative sessions for different sports groups, independent organizations and government owned sports institutions
  • Tightly collaborating with senior professionals to equip young certified professionals with necessary skills and knowledge about Sports Medicine, athletic injuries and other ailments in sportspersons
  • Publishing literary work for Sports Medicine study, research and general awareness