One of the two specially administered regions of People's Republic of China, Macau, scores second amongst the nations with highest life expectancy. In recent years, public health and general fitness has been critical areas of concerns in China. Owing to such concerns, Macau became a vigorous member of AFSM and joint hands with campaigning programs to promote Sports Medicines along with general healthcare among the local community. AFSM undertakes the following activities for its federation member, Macau:

  • Providing direct assistance to the Sports Medicine teams (physicians, coaches, attendants, trainers) and advancing their learning about sports injuries
  • Presenting up to date solutions for solving diagnostic problems in different hospitals that specialize in Sports Medial facilities
  • Designing course and study material for instructive purposes in national language to promote Sports Medicine in line with other disciplines
  • Taking preemptive measures to minimize the drug abuse among athletes and general public and enhancing their understating about the negative outcomes of such drugs
  • Promoting awareness about general health and fitness in densely populated areas through informational literature
  • Teaming up with regional units to confirm that AFSM's charter is followed in sports medical facilities of Macau
  • Enabling Sports Medicine personnel for better understanding of the athletic injuries through courses like "Team Physician's Course"