An Arab country located in the Western Asia, Kuwait scores 5th in the list of richest countries of the world. Medical and health care facilities in Kuwait are considered to be in par with the European countries as the country has a stable economy and enough reserves for medical advancements. With the increasing trend of Sports Medicine in the late 20th century, Kuwait acknowledged its importance as a separate discipline in the field of medicine and became member of AFSM. Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM) works for the following causes in Kuwait:

  • Training and guiding doctors, physicians and other medical staff for various Sports Medicine and courses
  • Establishing a secure connection between national agents and other federation members so that the information and field-related research can be shared between the two member countries
  • Offering different fellowship programs for open exchange of ideas on Sports Medicine and providing solutions for the problems that arise during the course
  • Encouraging inactive sports associations and institutions to introduce and run Sports Medicine ‘mechanism’ for their members and sports professionals
  • Focusing particularly on damages during physical activities that are caused due to hot climate of Kuwait and providing quick solutions for the treatment of such ailments
  • Briefing medical teams about the advancements going on in the field of Sports Medicine so that the changes can be widely implemented in the institutions that offer Sports Medicine facilities