Korea is proud to be associated with AFSM, keeping up the pace with the innovations and advancements in the field of Sports Medicines. Korea has been supporting AFSM and FIMS’ agenda and actively attending yearly meetings and conferences for future developments. The following list summarizes the activities and developmental programs that AFSM has been carrying out in Korea:

  • Making efforts to understand the local setup for Sports Medicine facilities in Korea and eradicating problems that arise during the course
  • Working in collaboration with national delegates to design educational programs on Sports Medicine in Korea
  • Taking sweeping measures to combat drug abuse or doping among sportspersons and athletes
  • Equipping local physicians, sports professionals and athlete trainers with the latest techniques in the field of Sports Medicine so that they devise curative and preventive measures for sportspersons in an effective manner
  • Dealing sports and other physical injuries taking an efficient and timely approach
  • Publishing relevant material that helps in conveying AFSM’s perspective and spreading awareness about Sports Medicine countrywide
  •  To design a close network with Korean institutions to strengthen bond between them and AFSM
  • Getting feedback from local spokespersons about the prevailing trends of Sports Medicine in the country
  • Protecting sportspersons and athletes from various infections, injuries and muscle deformities via newest medical solutions for their better performance