Jordon is one of the federation members of AFSM and has actively participated in the development and promotion of Sports Medicine programs. It became member of AFSM after realizing the importance of Sports Medicine as an emerging discipline in the field of Health Care. Following are some of the activities that AFSM carries out in Jordon:

  • To prepare lists and content for courses and programs on Sports Medicine education and awareness
  • To help local bodies, groups, and organizations to organize their operation in promoting Sports Medicine along with other fields of health care and fitness in Jordon
  • To develop a framework that outlines different policies, rules and guidelines that are to be followed in local medical facilities
  • To train and guide coaches and athlete therapists about medicines that can aid in building stamina and gaining general health and fitness
  • To hold different seminars and conferences at local level in the country that can assist AFSM to develop better understandings of Jordon community
  • To foster awareness about the side effects of drug abuse among athletes and sports persons
  • To build a strong connection between representative bodies of Jordon and international forum of AFSM for mutual benefit
  • To publish course material, magazines, pamphlets and other form of helping literature in native language that can build awareness about the educational programs on Sports Medicine