Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine is one of the most active and contributing members of the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine as well as International Federation of Sports Medicine. The organization also publishes the Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine regularly. The specialists and physical trainers hired are the experts from all across the globe who help in carrying out the organization tasks as well as conducting new research in the field.

Following are some of the aims and objectives followed by the Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine:

  • Enforcing rules and ethics regarding sports medicine within the sports organizations
  • Helping the organizations in arranging a healthier and safer sports environment and keeping a check on basic necessities providence
  • Purchasing and managing of the inventories of all sorts that are required
  • Providing instant treatment and rehabilitation facilities for the injured athletes
  • Spreading awareness so that the physical as well as psychological injuries can be minimized among players
  • Arranging seminars and awareness workshops for not only the trainers and players, but for the coaches and sports management personnel as well
  • Publishing of the fitness and medicine journal regularly and preventing the players from getting into drugs which can be harmful on the long run
  • Collaborating with other member countries in order to promote Sports Medicine and share research and advancement.