Sports Medicine is more than just diagnosing and treating physical injuries caused by athletic activities. Iraq Federation of Sports Medicine is a member of Asia Federation of Sports Medicine. Currently efforts are being made in order to spread awareness regarding the field of Sports Medicine among the general population as well as the athletes of the country. Specialists from all over the world are hired in order to keep the research going and to spread it all over. The gradual growth of the industry has been witnessed in the country recently.
Iraq Federation of Sports Medicine has the following objectives:

  • To hire professionals in the field in order to provide special care to the athletes
  • To arrange workshops and seminars to spread awareness in everyone related to the sports industry regarding the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries
  • Promoting the importance of keeping in mind athletes psychological health other than the physical health
  • Promoting a healthy environment within the sports organization to ensure maximum safety to the players of sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball etc
  • To provide athletes with opportunity to grow in a healthy environment without any physical or psychological injuries
  • For increasing the awareness regarding diseases that can be caused due to high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • To communicate and stay in touch with member countries of the organization for combined growth and advancement.