As a member of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine, Iran strives to provide its athletes with sports related treatment, physical fitness and injury prevention facilities. In past, the sports teams used to employ team physicians but as of 20th century Sports and Exercise Medicine has appeared as a totally different health care entity. Since sports have started to gradually become popular within the country, the need of AFSM membership was necessary. It could take hours if you take a injured athletes to a hospital for recovery, you can seek aid of Iran Sports Medicine Facility which provides with instant treatment.
The basic aims of the facility are:

  • Helping the sports organizations and agencies within the country
  • Preparing and researching medical protocols as well as documentations
  • Spreading awareness regarding general requirements of sports medicine
  • To establish, spread as well as strengthen the basic medicine code and ethics within the country and in all the sports organizations
  • Spreading awareness against drug abuse in field of sports and implication anti-dope charter of "International Olympic Committee" as well as "Federation of Sports Medicine"
  • Encouraging research and exchange in expertise with other member countries of AFSM
  • Establishing and maintaining up to date and modern Sports Medicine delivery system
  • Participating and organizing international workshops
Publishing of various books, leaflets and brochures or the science and art of Sports Medicine