Indonesian Sports Medicine Association is an active member of the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine as well as International Federation of Sports Medicine. The current president of the facility is Dr. Hario Tilarso. Within the country, not only the people have started realizing the importance of the field but have also started pursuing Sports Medicine as a career. It is a little complicated to define the term “Sports Medicine.” However, in simple words it can be said that it is a medical specialty in which doctors solely focus on diagnosing as well as treating any kind of injuries caused by sports and other athletic activities.

Following are some objectives followed by Indonesia Sports Medicine Association:

  • In the past the sports teams used to hire fitness staff however now Sports Medicine facilities take care of it
  • Instead of waiting for hours in emergency ward with wounds, now athletes get instant treatment
  • Providing the students of medicine with a new opportunity of pursuing a career in sports medicine
  • Providing a better and healthier environment to the athletes and sports organizations within the country
  • Rehabilitation and prevention of severe injuries that can be caused due to physical activities
  • To obtain accurate information and histories regarding sports medicine and advancing the field on an international level
  • Bringing together the top physicians from around the country to participate in events and for research and growth of the field