India, host of the 12th Asian Federation of Sports Congress is one of the active members of the organization. Last year, the congress kicked start at Amritsar’s Guru Nanak Dev University and featured a number of highly qualified and skilled researchers, scientists and doctors. ¬†Because cricket, soccer and hockey are the heart favorite sports of the area, gradually the awareness of Sports Medicine has grown a lot among the masses and it has been started to be recognized as a distinct field of medicine. The Sports Medicine facility within the country has expanded and grown a lot as well. Here are some of the objectives of the organization:

  • To spread awareness among the general masses regarding physical injuries caused by exercising or sports
  • To give keep the players, coaches and sports management updated regarding the advancement in SportsMedicine
  • To spread awareness regarding drug abuse among the players
  • To help in the growth of sports organizations within the country and to help in promotion of sports medicine
  • To publish and spread the pamphlets, brochures and books on the topic
  • To keep researching and advancing further in the field in collaboration with all the member countries of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine
  • To organize and sponsor meetings, seminars and workshops across the country and across the continent regarding the latest research.