Sultan of Brunei

Sports Medicine is one of the specialized branches of health care system that deal in evaluation, prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of injuries that athletes suffer from. All kinds of sports, such as basketball, football baseball, tennis etc are paid attention to. Brunei is also a member of the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine. The country has seen a gradual and steady growth in the field and currently special emphasis is being laid upon the availability of a healthy environment for the athletes. Sports Medicine is a field of medicine that has been overlooked in the past but lately has gotten into limelight.

Some of the aims of the Brunei Sports Medicine Facility are as follows

  • Awareness of physical injuries, their prevention and treatment among the players, coaches, managers as well as general masses
  • Spreading the information regarding the field of Sports Medicine as a possible career among the medicine students
  • Promotion and exchange of research and combined growth with the countries which are fellow members of the organization
  • Preservation of human health through physical fitness and active participation in sports
  • Publishing of scientific and arts related information regarding the field through different brochures and books
  • To provide the players with instant physical injury treatment so that they don’t have to wait for hours in general emergency wards.
  • To implement the sports medicine ethics and codes set by international medicine organizations.