Bahrain is a member of the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine. It has always been rather difficult to define the term "sports medicine" because it is not a specific specialty, but a field that involves researchers, health care professionals, educators and several other experts from different disciplines. Its aim is not merely to cure or provide rehabilitation facilities, but also to prevent injuries and guide the athletes. In simple words, it is a specific branch of medicine that deals mainly in the injuries that are caused by exercise, sports and other athletic activities.
Following are the aims and objectives of the Bahrain Sports Medicine facility:

  • Providing assistance in treatment and prevention to different organizations of various sports such as cricket, baseball, basketball, tennis etc regarding physical injuries
  • Guiding the students that want to join the field of Sports Medicine and pursuing Athletic Therapy Education that is gradually getting popular
  • To ensure that the athletes of different sports organizations are in totally safe and healthy environment
  • Presentation of different workshops and seminars in order to spread the awareness regarding physical injuries and treatments related to them
  • Interaction of physical therapists with coaches, players and sports organization managers
  • Promotion of combined research and advancement in the field of Sports Medicine with other member countries of AFSM
  • Writing and publishing different books, booklets and pamphlets in order to keep the masses aware of everything that is new in the field.